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    Police Career

    Post by David, the Owner on Fri Feb 19, 2016 10:21 am

    To start working in this career you must go to the Police Department which is located north east of the spawn. Upon entering the building, you will need to find the NPC, Head of Police. Talk to him and ask to join the career, you will become an intern.

    You are now able to use the 'Intern Work' verb under Commands to get tasks, he will give you money and you will have to run to the Supermarket and purchase the donut of his choice. You will keep doing this until you are eligible for a promotion, all the while gaining money.

    When you reach max exp, you can ask for a promotion to Rookie where it will be your job to scour the town of Utopia for Graffiti tags, double click to remove them. You will be given exp and cash every time you clear a tag.

    The final rank consists of tracking down a criminal, the 'Volatile Man' will spawn randomly on the map, whether it be in buildings or outside and it is your job to use the 'Arrest' verb on him to gain money and experience.

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