A Guide to a Status

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    A Guide to a Status

    Post by David, the Owner on Mon Jul 13, 2015 1:11 am

    What is a status:
    A status is a HTML enhanced rank that comes before a player's in-game name, this alerts those around them that they have a status. A status may also, in some cases, grant career based abilities and opportunities.

    How do I gain a status:
    A status is easily gained, a player must simply fill out their profile with a backstory sufficing of information in regards to why and how they attained the said career.

    Police Officer:
    - Access to a Police Car
    - Access to the Police Morgue
    - Access to the Police Staff Room
    - Ability to open and close Jail Cells

    - Access to the Hospital Morgue
    - Access to the Hospital  Room
    - Ability to use defibrillators to resuscitate a corpse
    - Ability to diagnose ailments and diseases
    - Ability to administer chemotherapy
    - Ability to analyse patients and corpses for DNA

    News Reporter:
    - Ability to write new stories for the in-game Newspaper

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