Expansion Pack III: Deviance Expansion Pack

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    Expansion Pack III: Deviance Expansion Pack

    Post by David, the Owner on Sat Jul 11, 2015 6:57 am

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    What does this expansion pack include?
    - Poison can now be purchased under Groceries
    - Drinks can now be spiked with Poison
    - If a person is poisoned, they will begin to show signs of poisoning
    - Poisoning can now lead to death
    - Shovels can now be used to kill people
    - If killed by a shovel, the CoD will be: "Blunt Force Trauma"
    - Players can steal some of the money in a person's inventory
    - Players are unable to steal money from an NPC
    - There is now 1/5 chance for the thief to be successful
    - Players can now be drowned in a bathtub
    - If killed by drowning, the CoD will be: "Drowning"
    - If killed by drowning, the corpse will turn a pale blue
    - Players can now run down other players using their cars
    - Players can now crash into other cars with theirs
    - If two cars collide, all passengers will be launched out of the car
    - There is a 1/20 chance that one or both of the cars will implode after impact
    - Players can now be killed as a result of the car crash, but also the implosion afterwards

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