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Update List 1


David, the Owner

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Update List 1

Post by David, the Owner on Sat Jul 11, 2015 6:56 am

1. Cupboards can now have clothes stored inside of them
2. Cupboards can now hold up to 25 articles of clothin
3. Trashcans have been added to the furniture seller
4. Trashcans can hold up to 25 items before needing to be emptied
5. Items can be retrieved from a trashcan if it has not yet been emptied
6. A rent system has been implemented
7. Houses can not be entered if rent has not been paid
8. Rent accumulates if it is not paid, increasing by a set amount every time
9. RPM lvl 3 now have the ability to decrease and increase the rent, or clear all the rent for housing.
10. Rent can be paid upon entry of the house when due by anyone who has a house key
11. Removed alignments as a human can be good or evil depending on a situation
12. Added long beards for men
13. Added short beards for men
14. Added mustaches for men
15. Alphabetised every seller
16. Food items can now be put in a fridge and taken out
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