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    House Guide

    Post by David, the Owner on Sun Jun 02, 2013 11:46 pm

    In the game, Reality, you are given the ability to purchase a house; in order to do this you need a large sum of money.

    ~For the house you will need to pay 125,000~
    ~If you would like a spare key, you will be charged 7,500 (Per key)~

    Once you have gathered to money to either obtain a house or purchase a spare key to your already existent house message one of the Owners on OOC stating both your IC name and that you're ready for the procedure.

    Once you've been given the key you will have to locate your house, the key will match the signs in reference to the number. For example, if you were given House Key 1 you would look for the sign reading "House 1"!

    If you are carrying a key the house will automatically let you in but if someone else, who doesn't have the key, tries to enter they will be told that the door is locked and they won't be allowed to enter. If you would like to allow others to enter you must go outside, go into Commands and find 'Toggle Door Locks' and set the door to unlocked; this allows people to enter. Once you no longer want people to enter do the same but this time set the door to locked.

    If you have further questions please ask a member of staff or a fellow player!

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