Banking Career

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    Banking Career

    Post by David, the Owner on Sun Jun 02, 2013 9:47 pm

    To start this career you must head to the Bank, this building has a golden plated sign reading "Bank". Once entering this building you must locate the Banker, talk to him regarding a job and ask him to join the career.

    You will start the career as a courier, ask him for some work after being hired and he will ask you to deliver a parcel to a specific person. The parcel will then make its way into your inventory and you must then locate the person who requires the parcel, once you are standing near them use the verb (Career) Quick Work and they will take the parcel from you; return to the Banker. Once you have max experience you, which can be reached by continuously repeating the delivery process you will be eligible for a promotion. You can see your career and your experience in your Stats panel under the category "Careers"

    Once you reach max experience you can return to the Banker and ask him for a promotion, he will promote you to Accountant. This job requires you to proceed up the stairs to the first floor and open the door, remember this door is only accessible by you and other accountants so try not to let anyone in; it could cost you your job! Once inside walk up to a computer and start working, you will have to do some addition/sums; these will continue looping unless the value '0' or '-0' are entered. As before you will need to continue doing this until your experience reaches its max and you are eligible for another promotion.

    The third and final promotion is Finance Manager, this will require you to proceed once more up the stairs but this time to the second floor where you and only you can enter the room; once again try not to let anyone in, and it could cost you your job! Once you start working on a computer you can do Addition, Subtraction or Multiplication in order to earn money; you can continue this until you get max experience. The work will continue looping unless the value '0' or '-0' are entered.

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