Drug Dealing Career



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    Drug Dealing Career

    Post by Jo-Rell on Sun Jun 02, 2013 9:34 pm

    To start a Drug Dealing Career, you will need to enlist with the Shady Individual at the top right of the map surrounded by trees(see map).
    Speak to him and select job. He will then give you $10,000 to buy firstly, Marijuana.
    You will need to go East, and find the Shifty Individual.

    Here you will need to buy a plant pot and the Marijuana. You will need to right click the plant pot when it's on the floor and select Plant>Marijuana. You will grow 3 bags of Marijuana per seed. Keep going back and forth to the Shady Individual to check how much Marijuana you need to produce.

    Once you've gave him the 300 bags of Marijuana. You can work for him again but as a Cocaine Cutter. This is similar to the Marijuana as you have to visit the Shifty Individual again but this time buy cocaine. After you've bought it, put it on the floor and in your Commands>Cut. This will divide the cocaine into 3 bags. You must go back to the Shady Individual over a period of time to check in the cocaine and see how much is left.

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