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    Hospital Career

    Post by Jo-Rell on Sun Jun 02, 2013 9:29 pm

    To begin your career at the Hospital, you will start as a Nurse after speaking with the Chief of Medicine who can be found to the left of the entrance of the Hospital.

    When you've been made a Nurse(check in stats). You'll need to go north of the entrance where you will see rooms with two beds, you will need to enter them and double click on the bed to clean the blood. This will need to be done until your experience is 40/40( once again, check in stats). Please keep in mind that the beds may have been cleaned, if that's the case they will become bloody again it's just a matter of waiting.

    Once you've reached 40/40 experience, go speak with the Chief for a promotion. Your promotion will be to Doctor.( You'll need to write a story and fill in your profile, to get Official Doctor status from a RPM/Owner. )

    On the walls outside the rooms you would have cleaned for Nurse experience, there is a clipboard and you would go to Commands>(Career) Quick Work. An illness will appear and below listed e.g..
    1) Black lungs, susceptible to coughs, dry mouth, addiction
    2) Clearer lungs, healthier heart, instant weight gain
    3) Weight Gain, craving certain foods, morning sickness

    You will then enter the number for the symptoms related to this.

    For smoking the correct answer would be 1.

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