Restaurant Career

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    Restaurant Career

    Post by David, the Owner on Sun Jun 02, 2013 9:28 pm

    To start this career you must go the Restaurant, this is a long blue building with the sign "Chic Restaurant." Once entering this building you must locate the Head Chef, talk to him regarding a job and ask him to join the career.

    You will start the career as a cleaner, he will then ask you to clean the tables when they get dirty. Please note that the tables aren't always dirty and they take a long period of time to become dirty again, they will be visibly dirty as they are coated with crumbs. When you see a dirty table you must walk up to it, double clicking it the table will be cleaned and you will earn both money and experience. You must continue doing this until your experience reaches the max, you will see this in your Stats panel under the category "Careers"

    Once you reach max experience you can return to the Head Chef and ask him for a promotion, you will be promoted to Till Handler; this job is simply addition. You head to the tills, stand behind the desk and use the verb 'Start Working' which will appear in a newly formed Job tab. As before you will need to continue doing this until your experience reaches its max and you are eligible for another promotion.

    The third and final stage of this career is known as the "Chef" where you will be given simple cooking tasks by the Head Chef every time you ask for them (Work > Ask for Task); each task will reward you with money. The Head Chef will give you a meal to make, you must gather the ingredients and cook the meal successfully; once the meal is in your inventory you will have to return to the Head Chef and give it back to him by entering the Job menu and clicking 'Work' followed by 'Complete Task'. Every time you hand him a completed meal you will earn the money and some experience.

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