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    Television Career

    Post by David, the Owner on Sun Jun 02, 2013 1:47 pm

    To start this career you must go to the TV station, this is a large purple building with a flashing sign that reads "TV". Once entering this building you locate the NPC "Producer" and speak to him, talk to him regarding the job and ask to join the career.

    You start this career as a Coffee Runner; you must make Coffees and bring them back to him using the "(Career) Quick Work" verb located in commands once the Coffee is in your inventory. You must continue doing this until your experience reaches the max, you will see this in your Stats panel under the category "Careers"

    To make a Coffee you must visit the grocery store and purchase both a cup and some Coffee beans and then locate a Hot Beverage Machine which can be found in several workplaces and/or a player's house kitchen.

    Once you reach max experience you can return to the producer and ask for a promotion, you will be promoted to Script Delivery. Talk to him again and click work, he will ask you to go off and deliver a script to one of the directors in either the Soap or the News set. You will have to go to them, with the script in your inventory and use the verb (Career) Quick Work when near them. You will continuously have to do this until you are eligible for another promotion.

    The third and the final stage of this career is known as "Script Corrector" where you will be given access to the computers in the TV stations staff room; work on those computers. You will be asked to select the correct spelling from the list of words given to you; earning experience for every word you get right.

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