Interview: Lorelei Silvestri (1st Interview)



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    Interview: Lorelei Silvestri (1st Interview)

    Post by MissMonet on Wed Feb 22, 2017 11:17 am

    Name of Interviewer: Vince Walker
    Name of Interviewee: Lorelai Silvestri

    Vince Walker: Interview commenced at 08:35. Ms. Silvestri, where were you on the night of the Giants vs. Lions University football event?
    Lorelei Silvestri: Sorry, but… before this, can I ask what I’m being questioned for?
    Vince Walker: You work for Mrs. Manning, and so we need to ask you a few questions about her and about the murder of her husband. I hope you don't mind?
    Lorelei Silvestri: Ah-... Right. I guess that makes sense… What was the question again?
    Vince Walker: Where were you on the night of the Giants vs. Lions University football event?
    Lorelei Silvestri: With a group of friends, at the event.
    Vince Walker: And who were these friends?
    Lorelei Silvestri: Penelope, Austin, and Sylas. They work with me and the professor.
    Vince Walker: And how did you get there, if I may ask?
    Lorelei Silvestri: By car.
    Vince Walker: By car, care to specify further?
    Lorelei Silvestri: Specify... the kind of car, or..?
    Vince Walker: Who's car, who was driving, what was the make of the car?
    Lorelei Silvestri: Austin drove, so... I'm guessing it was his. I don't know cars, so I can't say the make. It was big though.
    Vince Walker: Ah yes, Mr. Wolffe's SUV. Well, a witness has informed us that he saw your car outside the Manning household on the night of the event which makes me wonder, why park near Mrs. Manning's residence if you were going to the football event. Would you not park closer?
    Lorelei Silvestri: Hm? My car? But I don't have one.
    Vince Walker: I'm referring to the car you arrived in, Austin's SUV.
    Lorelei Silvestri: Well... finding a parking space can get pretty impossible for events like that. I usually walk or take public transportation everywhere myself, so... it didn't really bother me.
    Vince Walker: You worked closely with Mrs. Manning, did you ever come into contact with Mr. Manning?
    Lorelei Silvestri: I've seen him before, but we never spoke as far as I remember.
    Vince Walker: And while you were in the residence, did Mr Manning and Mrs Manning ever argue?
    Lorelei Silvestri: I don't know. Not that I heard at least.
    Vince Walker: Alright, no more questions at this point in time Ms. Silvestri. Thank you for your time.

    - Calm and collected, rather hesitant. Answered all the questions she was asked.
    - Not suspicious, and not helpful at this point in the investigation

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