Interview: Austin Wolffe (1st Interview)



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    Interview: Austin Wolffe (1st Interview)

    Post by MissMonet on Wed Feb 22, 2017 11:08 am

    Name of Interviewer: Vince Walker
    Name of Interviewee: Austin Wolffe

    Vince Walker says: Mr Wolff, where were you on the night of the Giants vs Lion University football event?
    Austin Wolffe says: I went to the event with the other students shadowing Mrs. Manning
    Vince Walker says: And where were you before that?
    Austin Wolffe says: I was out with a friend of mine.
    Vince Walker says: Does this friend have a name?
    Austin Wolffe says:  Ryan, a guy I was sleeping with.
    Vince Walker says: Will he be able to confirm that?
    Austin Wolffe says: Yes. Want to check my Grindr app to?
    Vince Walker says: No, that's fine.
    Austin Wolffe says: Okay, is that all?
    Vince Walker says: Did Mrs Manning, your professor, ever have any disputes or arguments with her husband in front of you?
    Austin Wolffe says: No, she's a very private woman. They never argued in front of us, we hardly saw him.
    Vince Walker says: And when you did see him, did you have much contact?
    Austin Wolffe says: The occasional hello, that's all.
    Vince Walker says: No further questions, but we'll be in touch Mr. Wolffe.

    - Shakey, agitated, seems excessively tired
    - Not suspicious, and not helpful at this point in the investigation

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