Interview: Calliope Manning (2nd Interview)



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    Interview: Calliope Manning (2nd Interview)

    Post by MissMonet on Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:06 am

    Name of Interviewer: Vince Walker
    Name of Interviewee: Calliope Manning

    Vince Walker says: Mrs. Manning, let me start by saying I'm so sorry for your loss.
    Calliope Manning says: So am I.
    Vince Walker says: Now that your husband's disappearance has become a murder investigation, we are required to ask you a few questions as you were the last person who made contact with him.
    Calliope Manning says: I was, yes.
    Vince Walker says: Following on from our last interview, what was the nature of your argument with your husband?
    Calliope Manning says:  A marital disagreement.
    Vince Walker says: Ms Manning, I'll have you know we retrieved his phone. Would you like to tell us anything that we might uncover.
    Calliope Manning says: My husband was having an affair.
    Vince Walker says: An affair?
    Calliope Manning says: Yes, with one of his students.
    Vince Walker says: And you'd just uncovered this?
    Calliope Manning says: Yes.
    Vince Walker says: I'd hardly call that something every married couple goes through. I assume you were mad?
    Calliope Manning says: Yes, and before you ask, not mad enough to commit murder.
    Vince Walker says: I wasn't suggesting you were, just following a line of inquiry.
    Calliope Manning says: I understand.
    Vince Walker says: Did your husband's have any enemies?
    Calliope Manning says: Not that I know of, no.
    Vince Walker says: And you were the last person to see him, yes?
    Calliope Manning says: Yes. As I've previously said Mr Walker.
    Vince Walker says: Thank you for your time, I will speak to the students shadowing you shortly and then to your personal assistant Gwen. We'll find out who killed your husband Ms Manning.
    Calliope Manning says: Thank you. Goodbye.
    Vince Walker says: Interview termianted at 21:32PM

    - Visibly upset, is still a suspect.
    - Affair - crime of passion?

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