Update Log: V1.03

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    Update Log: V1.03

    Post by David, the Owner on Fri Feb 10, 2017 11:28 am

    Update Log: V1.03
    - Emote and World Emote now have larger boxes to type in
    - HTML Layouts can now be adjusted for profiles
    - World Emotes now use the player's selected emote colour
    - Implemented an OOC Zone
    - Designed a Law Firm building icon
    - Mapped the 'Manning'N'Co' law firm
    - Implemented a Law Career consisting of 4 different progressions: Law Student, Law Intern, Lawyer, Judge
    - Implemented an 'Intelligence' stat which can be increased by reading stat books within the Rosebury Academy
    - Implemented 'Law Computers' which help Law Interns progress in their career by matching legal terms to their definition
    - Judges now have the ability to sentence people as guilty and send them to prison or as innocent and allow them to be free
    - Corpses now retain items previously held before death
    - Players can now search Corpses for items
    - Players can now take items from Corpses
    - Getting into cars/Toggle car locks now leaves fingerprints
    - Added strapped bralettes to Female Tailors
    - Added Curly Bangs to Female Tailors
    - Added Quiffed Bangs to Female Tailors
    - Added a 'Middle Parting' fringe type to Female Tailors
    - Added a 'Double Strands' fringe type to Female Tailors
    - Added a Striped Body-con Dress to Female Tailors
    - Added Skin Details to Female Tailors (Wrinkles, Bruises, Baggy Eyes, Double Chins)

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