Interview: Calliope Manning (1st Interview)



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    Interview: Calliope Manning (1st Interview)

    Post by MissMonet on Fri Feb 10, 2017 7:27 am

    Name of Interviewer: Vince Walker
    Name of Interviewee: Calliope Manning


    Vince Walker says: So, Mrs. Manning, I assume you know why you're here?
    Calliope Manning says: I believe it is regarding my husband's disappearance.
    Vince Walker says: Yes, you were the first to report him missing- yes?
    Calliope Manning says: I was, correct.
    Vince Walker says: How did that come about?
    Calliope Manning says: Could you perhaps rephrase the question?
    Vince Walker says: What made you report your husband missing and when did you last see him?
    Calliope Manning says: The night before he disappeared. We were arguing, and he stormed out. I thought he would come back, but he didn't.
    Vince Walker says: Does he usually come back after an argument?
    Calliope Manning says: He does.
    Vince Walker says: And would you say you argue often?
    Calliope Manning says: No more than any other married couple.
    Vince Walker says: And what was this argument about?
    Calliope Manning says: It isn't necessary to disclose that information.
    Vince Walker says: Do you have something to hide?
    Calliope Manning says: Not at all...
    Vince Walker says: So I'll ask you again Mrs. Manning, what was this argument about.
    Calliope Manning says: He was having an affair.
    Vince Walker says: An affair, you must've been furious. I wouldn't blame you if you-
    Calliope Manning says: I know how this goes and I know the spouse is always the police's first suspect, but I didn't do this. So instead of interrogating a devestated women, put your energy into finding my husband. Are we clear? 
    Vince Walker says: We're just trying to understand the situation.
    Calliope Manning says: Well I don't like the accusations. Unless you have anything further to say, we're done here.
    Vince Walker says: Mrs Manning.
    Calliope Manning says: Goodbye Mr. Walker.
    Vince Walker says: Let the record show Calliope Manning has left the room. Damn it! Interview termianted at 12:05PM

    - She seems calm and collected, well aware of her rights and of criminal law

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