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    Nico2014's Application

    Post by Nico2014 on Sat Dec 31, 2016 5:59 pm

    What is your key ?: Nico2014

    What are you applying for ?: Game Master or Admin Lv 1 or 2

    How long have you been on BYOND ?: I have been around for 2 years in byond, in a previous account

    Have you had previous experience with the staff on other games? If so, please list them: Yes, I opened my own server for a naruto game, charmed and was admin in Bleach: Las Noches español

    How long have you been playing Reality ?: Since today it was that I was privately commented on byond of the game and I really liked it a lot

    Why should we hire you ?: I think I can perform quite well for the positions requested, I also have ideas to improve the game even if I am not a programmer or anything like that also if Spanish-speaking players enter and I could offer them help and support in a way Easier and faster, since Spanish is my mother tongue. Besides not adding it also I am currently on a summer vacation so I can watch the game at all times

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