Part One of the Storyline

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    Part One of the Storyline

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    Kandi McMatthews and Mitzeee Minniver had always had a rivalry, one that stemmed to primary school and extended into adulthood. Having fallen for the same man, both competing for his affection the pair would find themselves at odds and now, in 2016, the situation remains the same. Will the Doctor and Police Officer, respectively, having clashed in 'Chic Restaurant', ever work out their differences?

    Debt, duties and the deceased'

    Kandi, Adella and Beth McMatthews had recently moved into their new home, their previous one repossesed along with most of their money and belongings in order to clear the debt wracked up by their parents lifetime of substance abuse. However, now, with their parents deceased, the girls were coming together to live their lives as one- in the best way they could, each of them getting a job and the smartest of them, although the youngest, would achieve her position as a nurse, having completed Medical School. With their new lives ahead of them, will everything go to plan?

    Clean and Sober!

    Kandi was cleaning the house one day when the doorbell sounded, and upon opening it she would become overwhelmed with emotion. Relieving herself in the form of a sigh, she would step outside and snarl at the woman before her: "W-what are... How is this... You're dead." She stared at her mother with nothing but fury in her eyes, "you died. You overdosed and Aunt Kath identified your body. H-Ho..." She began to breathe heavily, and rapidly as her mother responded to her. "You need to leave, you need to get the hell out of here before my sisters see you. Go back to being dead, we have just finished mourning you. Do you hear me? WE ARE DONE." Will Kandi be able to reveal the knowledge of their mother's survival to her sisters, or will this situation prove difficult?

    Love Me Harder

    Kandi McMatthews and Jackson Boulevard had been dating on and off for a couple of months now, but all that would culminate into something grand. With the pair finally going steady, Jackson would make the decision to get down on one knee and propose. At first, Kandi was taken aback but she realised that her love for Jackson outweighed anything else. Now, with the pair engaged, how long will it take for the pair to make it down the aisle?

    Angel of Death

    Utopia Heart Hospital had always been bustling in terms of its business. With patients to be treated, and staff rushing around to do their best but what with current events, everything could change... for the worse. A patient, Jack Saville, had arrived to Utopia Heart following a drunk driving incident, in which he was the culprit. Having been given the all-clear, Saville would unexpectedly die from cardiac arrest. While this wasn't unusual, it wasn't anticipated... but was Saville's death all it seemed, or was he given a helping hand and with it going unnoticed, could another victim die at their hand?!

    Defiant Druggie'

    Glenda McMatthews had refused to heed Kandi's warning, and rather began asking questions around the town of Utopia; hoping to find her daughters. Having been informed that Beth was now working as a doctor at Utopia Heart she would gather her belongings and head to see her. Much to her dismay, Beth refused to acknowledge her existence as her mother and rather branded her a mere acquintance. Fighting for her daughter's forgiveness she would reveal the true reason she came back, because she was battling cancer and couldn't go at it alone. With Beth still refusing to accept her mother back into her life, could she win over Tilly and Adella?

    Truth be Told?

    Glenda's fury would culminate to a fateful revelation after Beth continued to hurl hateful comments in her direction. Glenda would reveal the truth of Kandi's past, how she had seduced her stepfather at the age of 14, only to abort his child a few months later. Beth refused to listen, but knew she would have to ask her sister; wrestling with whether the answer would actually matter. Is there any truth to Glenda's revelation, or was it spewed in spite?

    Forgiveness, an Adella Story'

    Having no luck with Kandi and Beth, Glenda would begin her search for her other two daughters; hoping for a different result. She would track down Adella acidentally, having bumped into her in public and almost instantly recognising one another. The pair instantly connected, falling into each other's arms as they hugged. Slowly, both women would begin to talk and answer all unanswered questions for one another. Adella's reaction to her mother was much different to her that of her sisters, but will Glenda make her live to regret her openness?

    Blissful Matrimony'

    The day of Kandi McMatthews and Jackson Vales' wedding dawned upon the town of Utopia. As celebrations swung into festivity, the residents of Amblehaddow would congregate at the McMatthews residency for pre-celebratory drinks as they graced Kandi with their presence. Much to Kandi's excitement, Beth had graced the soon-to-be-newly-weds with a trip to Paris. Meanwhile, a resentful Glenda was drinking her body weight and more in alcohol at the thought of her daughters being happy without her. As the day continued, evening finally came and the limo had arrived- ready to take the women, and Lloyd, to the Wedding venue. With such great preceedings, will the wedding be a hit?!

    Till Death do us Part'

    As evening fell, the limo drove graciously through the town until a drunk driver, in the form of Glenda McMatthews, unknowingly run the limo off the road and into a collision that would prove fatal. Each and every passenger in both cars would be launched from their seats and into the streets. Annalise was the first to wake, nearly unscathed due to her wearing her seatbelt accordingly she would begin to assist all of those in danger. Tending to the passengers, all would be escorted to hospital safely except for Kandi McMatthews who at the scene had ceased to breathe and was presumed dead. With the death of the bride, would the residents of Utopia be able to go on?

    Till Death do us Part...Two?

    At the hospital, news started to spread of Kandi's demise but it was much to their surprise that she wasn't in fact dead but rather had been resuscitated by Annalise's fellow doctors. However, it was shocking to learn that Beth McMatthews, the youngest and supposedly the most successful of the sisters, had fallen pregnant. With all wedding attendees now in peachy condition, it was left to Glenda to reveal to one of the nurses waiting on her that she had in fact done more than crash the limo... but she had also been the cause of a hit and run incident. The news spread and soon enough, Kandi was notified that her fiancee had been run down by a drunk driver. Despite Utopia being rocked by recent events, could they find the positivity shrouded in darkness?

    Have Mercy'

    Jack Saville's death was noted as a cardiac arrest, and this would be so for the next death to take place at the hands of the Utopia Heart Angel of Death. This time, the victim was Glenda McMatthews- mother to the McMatthew sisters and now, due to her drunk driving, the murderer of Jackson Vales. With a second victim claimed, will the Angel of Death's reign continue or will his crimes be discovered?

    Olive Branches and Doves

    It was both known and visible that Kandi had changed after the death of her husband. She no longer wore the fancy clothes she had worn before her wedding but rather was dressed from head-to-toe in loose fitting clothing and constantly branded with puffy red cheeks. Holding herself much more reserved she would view the world in a different light, and in doing so, would head over to the Minniver's residence where she would make amends with the sisters. Now that Kandi and Mitzeee are finally on positive terms, could this be the seed for a brilliant friendship?

    Painful Pasts'

    Growing worried about her sister, Beth would call a meeting with her as she expressed her worries. During this conversation, Kandi would reveal how she felt lifeless after their stepfather abused her, how she felt her childhood had been robbed by raising her sisters due to their mother's substance abuse and ultimately how she felt defeated when her only relief, her fiancee, met an untimely death. As the pair delved deeper into past troubles, attempting to find a solution the doorbell would sound at an alarming rate. Keeping with talks of the past, a figure they hadn't seen in well-over a decade appeared at their door but would she bare good news?

    Glenda and Elphaba'

    In their doorway stood their aunt Kathleen, a woman known for her devious and gold-digging ways and this time was no different. Showing no remorse, she would blame Kandi for her sister's death and ultimately inform the sisters that they were to evacuate the property as it was in her name, giving them no time to do so. Both Kandi and Beth would erupt in anger, spewing insults and retorts but all of this fell to deaf ears. Now, with the sisters homeless, and Beth pregnant, can they get their lives back on track or will they suffer a similar fate to their late mother?

    Miranda Rights?

    Attempting to return to their home to collect their belongings were Beth and Kandi, only to be surprised by their aunt who had clearly gone off the rails. Pulling out a match she would strike it before throwing it at the floor and walking out of their igniting house. Mitzeee was soon called and rushed to the rescue, managing to extinguish the flames and call it in. Consequently, Officer Harajuuno Lee, having chased her and accidentally mowing her down, was able to arrest her. With Kathleen back in custody, what does this entail for the McMatthews trio?


    While in custody things took a turn for the worse as Kathleen, who wasn't searched upon arrest, revealed her matches and set another fire in a bid to escape. While she was successful, the fire was extinguished and she was now on the run. Calling an old friend, she knew her life here, and in the other three major cities she had been wanted in, was over. She would catch a ferry to Spain to start a new life with her previous lover. While this scam for cash was unsuccessful, could Kathleen's antics continue and can the McMatthews sisters rebuild their lives...again?

    Silver Lining'

    Recent events in the lives of the McMatthews sisters had them at the end of their tether, however, with Beth's pregnancy it became apparent that things were taking a turn for the better. For the past few weeks it had become increasingly obvious that Kandi was feeling a little under the weather. This had prompted the sisters to encourage Kandi to make a doctor's visit, and much to their surprise they discovered that she was in fact also pregnant; with the baby of her late husband. Counting her blessings is one thing, but with all the drama surrounding Kandi McMatthews- could there be another bump in the road?

    Up in the Winds'

    Kandi had been extremely careful with her pregnancy, but it was, to her, common knowledge that she had previously lost a child... but not to abortion, rather to miscarriage and now, history had repeated itself. As Kandi prepared breakfast for her sisters, her stomach began to cramp as her abdomen felt pierced and within moments blood lined her thighs and the floor beneathe her. Kandi had not only lost the baby, but another piece of Jackson... will this be the last-straw?

    Beauty and the Rope'

    With the Angel of Death still prevalent in Utopia Heart Hospital, another threat rears its grotesque head as news of bodies being found in the woods spreads through Utopia. With three women having been murdered, Utopia's Police Department is reaching out for any leads amidst the panic. Will the serial killer strike again, and if so, who will be their next victim?

    Maternal Instincts'

    Rose Jones would receive news from a fellow doctor about blood tests relating to Kandi, and it was a result which could change everyone's life. Heading over to the McMatthews residence, Rose would be greeted by all three sisters- prompting her to reveal that she was in fact their half sister. At first, all three sisters were combatitve but the shock seemed to have sent Beth into labour. As the four of them rushed to hospital, Beth would deliver two beautiful healthy babies... twins. Now, with three new additions to the family- will life finally look up for the McMatthews family?

    Ryan Returns!

    Weeks had passed since Rose moved into the McMatthews household, and things were looking up for the sisters. So much so that Ryan, the father of Beth's twins, arrived informing her of why he had been away for so long. In a hurry, the pair rekindled their relationship and ultimately Ryan would ask her to move in. Without hesitating, Beth would agree but breaking the news to her sisters proved difficult. While two of the three were supportive, Kandi showed some reluctancy but ultimately decided it was for the best. With Ryan and Beth now living together, are things set to look up for their new family?

    Ravens and Crows'

    Meanwhile, in Utopia Raven and Aeshma would encounter one another while at the park- sparking up an engaging conversation and getting to know one another. With the two bonding over video games and the past, Aeshma would take the chance and ask her out on a date to a fancy restuarant. As the two discussed dates, it became clear that perhaps a new couple could be emerging in Utopia. If this date happens, will it go to plan and if so- could anything come of it?

    Devestating Demeanours'

    Things were going well in Utopia, too well to remain that way. While Beth's relationship was flourishing, it was Adella's who'd ultimately face heartbreak. While on a date with Adella, he would bring up his past- a past that involved drugs, despite knowing Adella's history. Rushing home, Adella would be confronted by Kandi who interrogated her for answers and when it was revealed- Kandi's fury began. Heading over to the motel Kandi made her way to Lloyd's room, delivering a series of slaps and threats as he attempted to defend his honour. With all that's happened, will Adella and Lloyd be able to reconcile?

    Crackdown Coppers!

    Ryan Cooper's return saw him take back his position as a Deputy Officer and after 9 months away, he was raring to go. Upon reprisal, Ryan would be informed about the surge in drugs and how Dormira was being used as a front for such behaviours. Calling in a task force, they would raid the motel; only to find multiple marijuana farms and some cocaine blocks. Swabbing them and sending the pots off for testing, the results would come back claiming Locus was the man Ryan was looking for. Having tracked him down, Locus would attempt to resist arrest but would be captured nonetheless and sent to prison- a further search revealing he was also carrying two weapons. Locus may be in prison, but will his trial lead to him being found guilty... and if so, what could this mean for him?

    Once Upon a Valentine'

    Storms crackled, and rain descended and on this terrible night an empire begun to flourish from deceit and fear. Aeshma, was held at gun point by Tyron and his friend, Sky. However, Aeshma stood one step before them and gave them an opportunity they couldn't turn down: shoot him, or join his drug empire. Learning that they'd earn tonnes of cash, the assailants began to lower their guns in order to make a deal. Later that evening they met at a restaurant, but in a twist of fate when Sky spoke with the waiter they were left behind and the tables had turned as Tyron was now held at gunpoint. Together, they headed to the cemetery and now Tyron was given the true ultimatum, he could die along with his friend or become a slave to the newly formed empire. Forcing him to do humiliating acts, he would take a photograph to use as blackmailing material to ensure loyalty. Aeshama's reign of terror has just begun, but with two fellow antagonists unbeknownst to him could he meet his maker early?

    Break-in Chez

    Utopia hadn't been quiet since the rise of Aeshma and his organisation, but unbeknownst to them Leon Williams and Rose Jones would go about their daily lives. Having met for the first time in the store, Leon and Rose would exchange numbers after conversing about their lives. Having revealed he was a lawyer back from law school, Leon continued on to offer to walk Rose home due to night falling. Accepting his request, she would arrive home but their encounter was far from over. Later that night, Rose dialled Leon in a panic informing him of an assailant having broken into her house. Leon arrived, finding Rose handing over three grand on the request of her assailants. The two-masked-men informed her that this money could've just saved her life, and exited- revealing another figure... it was Lloyd, he had returned after disappearing. Rose confided in Adella who was at this time upstairs, causing them both to feel uneasy. Will the identities of the masked men ever be revealed, and will the McMatthews ever feel safe again?

    Fall of the Great?

    Outside the McMatthews residence another incident later took place, with Locus taking a bullet. Now injured, he checked his surroundings and only Tyrone was in sight, however, ignoring this he would head to the hospital to be patched up. With this most recent shooting, are things in Utopia about to get a lot more dangerous?

    Shoot the Messenger'

    Ryan, having heard about the break-in that took place at the McMatthews residence took the time to inform Kandi and Beth about recent events- both of whom took the news very badly. Worrying about their sisters, they urged Ryan to put his strongest task-force on the case. However, Kandi, who's no stranger to fending for herself in order to protect her family had other ideas and put them into action. What is Kandi planning, and could they jeapordise her livelihood?


    Kandi had always been determined to protect her family members, going to extreme lengths beforehands however, how far she would be ready to go in comparison to who she was up against would come into question. She would contact one of her friends to learn the whereabouts of Tyron through the art of phone tracking. Following her lead, Kandi would arrive in Paris. Entering his last found location, she would confront him demanding answers. At first, he refused to answer but as Kandi's anger intensified; apparently so did his fear. He would reveal who the culprits were, naming both Sky McGee and Aeshma Aamon. Will Kandi turn the information over to the police, or will she keep the information to herself and act upon it?

    Nice to Meet you'

    Madilyn Minniver had been residing in the home next to the McMatthews sisters for almost two decades, and she had always been the bubbly, vivacious and kind-spirited woman throughout the years. On her morning jog, she would notice new neighbours had moved in and would go over to introduce herself, only to discover that one of them happened to be the long-lost sister of her closest neighbours. Having met Rose, the pair would head over to the McMatthews/Jones residence to further get to know each other over a cup of coffee. Interrupted by Locus and Leon, Madilyn would excuse herself- giving Rose her number and letting her know that they should meet over coffee or drinks. Rose and Madilyn may be alike in more ways that one, so could this be the start of a beautiful friendship?

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